Minawi announces withdrawal from Abuja Agreement



4 Feb

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The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Arko Minawi announced its withdrawal from that the Abuja Agreement (the Darfur Peace Agreement of 2006).

The president of the faction, Minni Minawi – who served as senior presidential advisor from August 2006 to early 2010 – said that he no longer recognizes the present regime as legitimate. He called for armed opposition to topple the government. 

Minawi said that the government aims to disarm and integrate his forces in Darfur while waging war against the other resistance movements and dismantling the civilian displaced camps. He said that they aim to resume their campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Darfur.

The SLM chief called for all of the resistance factions to work together to overthrow the regime. He also called for the International Criminal Court to strengthen its enforcement and monitoring mechanisms. In an interview with Radio Dabanga from Juba, he also called on the UN – African Union Mission in Darfur to monitor the behavior of the government in Darfur and protect civilians.

Minawi’s forces had clashed repeatedly with government forces in December and January.

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