SLA-MM rebels 'kill seven Sudan troops' in North Darfur battle



26 Jun

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Members of the Sudan Liberation Army-Minni Minawi (SLA-MM) claim to have killed seven soldiers of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) during a battle on Tuesday in North Darfur.

SLA-MM spokesman Adam Saleh Abkar said the clashes took place at 12:00pm in the Birka area, near El Fasher and Tawila. Rebels are said to have also seized four Land Cruisers mounted with Dushkas.

Abkar told Radio Dabanga the SAF, driving 27 Land Cruisers, attacked the SLA-MM. "Our forces chased the government forces to their camp in Abuzara, 12km from El Fasher,” he said. 

The spokesman called upon civilians to stay away from places where SAF and militias are present, as they “became a legitimate target” of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF).

“The SRF is now implementing the Plan B, which will definitely be 'unpleasant' for the government,” he added. 

SRF is a coalition of rebel forces recruiting primarily in Darfur and Kordofan. Their goal is to topple the Khartoum regime “by all means”.

Radio Dabanga was not able to independently verify these reports. 

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