Clashes between SPLA-North and SAF in South Kordofan



24 Aug

.) -

Elements of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front allegedly killed 17 and injured another 24 soldiers of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and pro-government militias on Wednesday August 22.

In addition, two Land Cruiser vehicles and a truck were destroyed during a battle in the villages of El-Houta and El-Daein, in Rashad Locality South Kordofan.

Arno Ngutolo, spokesperson on behalf of SPLA-North, pointed out that one SRF soldier was killed and another two were injured during the battle. Arno revealed that pro-government militias burned down the village of El-Houta and injured a citizen, in addition to planting bombs around the village.

Citizens from El-Moreib and Band, in Rashad Locality South Kordofan, reportedly fled their homes towards the regions of El-Mabsoot, El-Hajeir and El-Habail.

The displaced described the humanitarian conditions as deteriorating, due to three days of consecutive bombing by the Sudanese Air Forces and the clashes between government forces and SPLA. They added that the air strikes and clashes are still ongoing in both regions.

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