SPLM-N accuses government forces of killing dozens in S Kordofan



1 Aug

.) -

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) announced that government forces killed, wounded and abducted dozens of people in South Kordofan. A number of villages in the El-Abbasiya Tagaley county, South Kordofan, were burned.

Arno Nugutolo Lodi, spokesman of the SPLM-N, revealed that government forces and militias attacked the villages of Al-Tuboon, Sasy, Rhode El-Badri, Wed El Jebel, Banat, Saraya El-Malick, Wed El-Bashir and Asamayah in El-Abbasiya Tagaley county. They killed six people, wounded 10 and kidnapped three others. In addition, they destroyed properties from local citizens and burned a number of these villages. Lodi said that the SPLM-N confronted the government forces in these areas, killing 17 of them and wounding 27 others.

The people killed by the government forces are: Suleiman Dafallah Abrahim, Abdul Latif Adam Osman, Ismail Mohamed Osman Ismail, Saber Adam Ibrahim, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rashid Babu and Hegazy Abdullah Rashid Babu. The wounded are: Ahmed Ismail Ahmed, Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, Brier Adam Ibrahim, Zainab Mohammed Kakum, Omaima Adam Abbas, Abdullah Ibrahim Adam, Hamid Musa Adam, Ahmed Adam El-Imam and Umm Kulthum El-Nair. The ones kidnapped are: Zulnoon Mohammed Ahmed, Issa Ahmed Ismail and Abbas Adam Ibrahim.

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