Khartoum University raided



22 Dec

.) -

At least 20 students were injured and an unknown number arrested when riot police raided the University of Khartoum today, a source said to Radio Dabanga.

Students from different regions of Sudan held a rally on campus with those displaced from the Manasir community, over the building of the Merowe Dam.

One student said that while the students were inside the riot police stormed the campus beating them with batons and using excessive force.

Four students taken away

An activist said amidst the storming of the campus, four students were taken away by security forces. One was Muhammad Idris, President of the Darfur Association of Students. The others remain unknown.

The Darfuri students said they are giving the government 24 hours to release the head of the association, or they will consider other undisclosed measures.

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