SLA-AW clashes with Sudanese army



23 Nov

.) -

Armed group claims victory in the battle in North Darfur's Kabkabiya region

Fighting broke out between troops belonging to opposition Sudan Liberation Army/Movement-Abdul Wahid Nur (SLA-AW) and Sudanese armed forces backed by militias in Kaura East of North Darfur's Kabkabiya region on Tuesday.

Spokesperson of the SLA-AW, Nimr Abdel Rahman Hamas told Radio Dabanga that their response was an act of defense.

“Our forces managed to repel the attack of the government. We defeated the attacking government forces,” Abdel Rahman said.

He also asserted that the forces of the SLA-AW were able to take over 10 Land Cruisers loaded with guns in addition to capturing three soldiers, one of the rank of a sergeant. Nimr admitted that Sudanese army and its militias suffered the death of 35 personnel, including a lieutenant officer. Radio Dabanga could not contact the government army for comments.

Last week Radio Dabanga also reported about the bombings carried out by the Sudanese Air Force (SAF) in North Darfur.

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