SRF welcomes two more groups



18 Nov

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Says it is an open forum which invites all Sudanese people to join in

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) announced the admission of the Beja Congress (BC) and Koch Revolution Movement (KRM) to its organization on Friday.

The SRF was formed by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), Sudan Liberation Army-Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) and SLA-Minni Minnawi on November 11. The SRF announced its mission to be overthrow of the regime in Khartoum.

Yasser Arman, the secretary-general of the SPLM-N, strongly denounced accusations that the group was formed along ethnic lines and that it was fighting a proxy war. Arman, who is also a member of the supreme committee of the SRF, called the remarks unfortunate.

“The SRF is not a movement that is first of its kind. Such a revolution has been brewing in rural Sudan. It is not a closed club and is open to all Sudanese people. The front welcomes everyone to work together to bring down the system,” Arman said.

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