Libya: Weapons being smuggled to Darfur



2 Nov

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A member of the NTC says armed groups smuggling ammunition belonging to Gaddafi regime

Libyan authorities have found weapons belonging the Gaddafi regime, part of which were being smuggled by armed groups to Darfur, a member of the National Transitional Council in Libya said on Tuesday.

Mohammed Sanusi, an NTC member, told Al Arabiya television on Tuesday that some of the weapons, which were internationally prohibited, were indeed being smuggled to Darfur. He demanded the international community to intervene in this regard.

However, Sudanese armed forces spokesperson Colonel Al Soarma Khaleed Saad denied on Wednesday of having any knowledge about the weapons entering Darfur.

Diplomats at the United Nations Security Council had declared in October 2011, that they had received reports of Libyan arms entering Sudan.

The British news daily, The Daily Telegraph had reported earlier this month that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had transported rockets and other sophisticated weapons to a hidden underground facility in El Fasher.

However, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) accused the Khartoum regime of smuggling thousands of rockets and huge loads of ammunition across the border, much of it stored across the Sudan-Libya border in Attron.

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