Bashir planning 'large scale attack' on South Kordofan



24 Aug

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  SPLM (North) chairman says ceasefire is just part of a scheme
Yasser Arman, chairperson of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM-North), said on Wednesday that he was in possession of information confirming Bashir's intention to use the cease-fire in South Kordofan as a means of preparation of a large-scale-attack on the region
Bashir had announced on Tuesday in a press conference that he wanted to ensure peace in South Kordofan to mark the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. 

Qamar Dahlman, the spokesperson of the SPLM (South Kordofan) rejected on Wednesday these claims made by Bashir and said that ceasefires should be discussed during negotiation meetings, not press conferences. 
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Bashir to forbid humanitarian aid in SK

On its part, the SPLM-South Kordofan firmly condemned President Bashir's intention to reject foreign humanitarian organizations providing relief to the victims of the government's bombing raids in South Kordofan, saying it should be considered a crime against humanity.
The movement furthermore accused, without any  evidence to support its claims, Kadugli Red Crescent leader Mererrha of  playing a double role as the leader of a militia involved in the South  Kordofan massacres. 

Pledge for an air-ban and an investigation team

Dahlman, media adviser to the head of the  movement, Abulaziz al-Hilu, appealed to the international community to  pressure the government, and also pressed the United Nations to hold an  emergency session in order to impose an air-ban over South Kordofan. 

He  also appealed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to send an  investigation team as quickly as possible to South Kordofan, as the  National Congress Party (NCP) led by SK-Governor Ahmed Harun is beginning to dig up and remove the bodies from the mass graves
The mass graves were discovered last month by a US-satellite in Kadugli. Harun, along with Bashir, is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The  Hague.

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